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There are about over 100,000 kms of toll ways in the country and a lot of time and energy (yes, crude oil related as well) is wasted in collecting tolls. The infrastructure sector has recently committed to using RFID tags to increase its efficiency of vehicles passing through toll collecting booths. While these are definitely a step towards to reducing inefficiencies in the system, payments are the next phase. Our intelligent payment calculation, notification and collection system helps complement the RFID systems that will soon become a fixture on Indian roads.



Every company that is in the business of making money for its shareholders needs to be able to bill their customers and collect funds. One of the largest businesses (other than utilities) that currently has a recurring model for collecting money from customers are media - whether it is digital or print.

Media consists of television, print and of course digital. With the advent of DTH and cable, cable has completely matured and adopted the subscription billing model. While online content is easier to control access to and have payment mechanisms for, there are not (m)any of such models that have been successful in India currently. BluSynergy's subscription/metered billing solutions can help manage the billing side of complex data access solutions and make sure funds are collected in a timely manner after bills are submitted based on usage.

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Our Clients

BluSynergy, with its advanced, comprehensive and flexible Plans & Charges, allowed us to focus on our core competitiveness and helped us solve the complications of payments which in turn helped us build customer convenience and satisfaction.

-Samira Rao / Co-Founder, Paybooks

Our Clients

It is was getting extremely cumbersome for us to get our heads around collection and tracking donations from our regular donors but BluSynergy with its robust e-billing/Notifications/ Payment collection features helped us tackle many rough roads and has smoothed the way ahead.

-Sridhar / Founder, No Hungry Child

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