Billing Solution for Schools & Colleges

The Right to Education is enshrined in our constitution universally, and schools are under obligations to ensure that free and compulsory education is provided. As costs of providing education constantly increase, schools and educational institution are constantly challenged to control costs while at the same time ensure that it does not become unbearable for parents/guardians. Schools and colleges spend a lot of time ensuring that their payments are received on time and the correct amount - and in doing so, do not want to risk giving the benefit of payment plans to students and their families.

BluSynergy helps both educational institutions as well as parents with a solution that is beneficial and state of the art to ease the pain of billing and collections.

Blusynergy Solution

The Cloud Based, secure, BluBilling platform is utilized in order to help schools/colleges collect funds from parents while keeping control over the process and at the same time giving flexible payment options to parents.


  • Fee structure set up based on course opted, Year, etc
  • Sends payment due notices via e-mail/SMS.
  • Reminders via email/SMS at regular/preset intervals.
  • Students' fee may be paid online with ease.


  • Office staff, no longer have to do the mundane process of issuing and collecting chalans
  • Academicians (eg., Phd and Masters degree holders) should be spared from mundane clerical jobs.
  • Campus bank, where it is available, especially in large colleges, will no longer have to drown in seasonal floods.
  • Students can save a day that they typically spend running around campus to complete these procedures (in case of schools, parents don’t have to spend time making sure there is sufficient balance and writing cheques; they can directly make payments as appropriate)

What our clients say


BluSynergy, with its advanced, comprehensive and flexible Plans & Charges, allowed us to focus on our core competitiveness and helped us solve the complications of payments which in turn helped us build customer convenience and satisfaction.

-Samira Rao / Co-Founder, Paybooks


It is was getting extremely cumbersome for us to get our heads around collection and tracking donations from our regular donors but BluSynergy with its robust e-billing/Notifications/ Payment collection features helped us tackle many rough roads and has smoothed the way ahead.

-Sridhar / Founder of No Hungry Child

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