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Automate invoicing, collection and have a superior recurring billing system with online payment. Make your club's cash flow stronger.

Sound cash flow is the lifeblood of any business. Smoother the flow better could be your services. In a scenario like that of a club, with thousands of members and expenditure happening in different departments, invoicing and collection of dues is very time consuming and could take weeks. It also requires a lot of manpower and coordination.

How exactly does BluBillingTM help Clubs?

In most clubs, the time between invoice generation and payment receipt is a minimum of 10 days and may run up to weeks. BluBillingTM helps shorten this time period by automating the billing and payment collection process.

Our system tracks customers along with their account and billing information; dues from various departments viz. restaurant, bar, library, sports, etc; invoice generated and e-mailed to respective customers. The frequency of "billing and collection" cycle can be set to monthly or quarterly basis, or per the respective club's needs.

Tracking customers and ensuring that they have seen the invoice is made easy with automated payment follow-up reminders through SMS and e-mail.

Club members can pay their dues online at the convenience of their home/office.

This whole process of invoice generation to payment collection could be as little as 3 days with BluBillingTM.

BluSynergy also offers a host of other features that makes it easy for both the Club Staff and the customers:

Tools like reporting and payment history provide access to client information including lifetime customer value, last invoice, payment received and balance at a glance help improve customer satisfaction of the club.

BluBillingTM easily integrates with Tally or any other accounting or CRM package.

It also helps customers by providing an online view of their expenses, invoices and payment history online, giving the customer an overall better experience with the club.

BluBillingTM also eases the burden on the other staff of the club with the automation of invoicing, payment follow-up and payment collection.

Improving cash flow at clubs
Improve cash flow at your club with the benefits offered by BluBillingTM. Automated invoices ease the trouble for clubs collecting data from various departments and invoicing at regular intervals of your choice. Timely reminders in the form of email and SMS to the club members help in on time payments.

Avoid discrepancies
Dues and information are timely collected from various departments. Payment expected is calculated and the invoices are then generated. This takes off a major load from the staff of the Club, who otherwise, would have had to coordinate with other staff and there could be chances of discrepancies. Avoiding discrepancies helps in smooth running of the club. BluBillingTM also offers integration with accounting and CRM packages. Commonly used to manage a business-customer relationship, CRM software systems can also be used to manage business contacts, clients, contract wins and sales leads.

Improve Customer Satisfaction
Customer Satisfaction is very essential for any business. Especially in the case of clubs, it helps you in retaining customers and getting new ones through a positive word of mouth. BluBillingTM helps in improving customer satisfaction of your club with a host of features viz. Professional Billing, Professional and automated follow up and reminders, Convenience of Online payment using credit/debit card and netbanking. With the availability of payment history and easy access of invoices online, customers can have a better experience with the club.

Smooth accounting and documentation
Easy integration with Accounting and CRM software helps in having a smooth accounting and documentation of club transactions. The automation of accounting also sees to it that there are no discrepancies. The payment history is easily accessible with BluBillingTM which helps the customers keep track of their expenditures as well as helps clubs in audit trail.

Reduce expenses and resources
Reduce expenses and resources with BluSynergy. BluBillingTM helps automate billing and even sends reminders through email and SMS, which could otherwise require Club staff to do constant follow-ups. This eases the strain on the Club's resources and helps on time payment collection.

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Our Clients

BluSynergy, with its advanced, comprehensive and flexible Plans & Charges, allowed us to focus on our core competitiveness and helped us solve the complications of payments which in turn helped us build customer convenience and satisfaction.

-Samira Rao / Co-Founder, Paybooks

Our Clients

It is was getting extremely cumbersome for us to get our heads around collection and tracking donations from our regular donors but BluSynergy with its robust e-billing/Notifications/ Payment collection features helped us tackle many rough roads and has smoothed the way ahead.

-Sridhar / Founder of No Hungry Child

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