Irrespective of whether a company is in the technology space or providing services to the general public or even NGO’s involved with social causes, the concept of paying in “installments” is here to stay. This is the new norm and companies of all sizes (including Microsoft) have woken up to this reality. The advantages of the subscription billing system and the use of BluSynergy as a platform to support the requirements of startups as well as enterprises to are highlighted in this article.

1.Predictability of Income

Subscription Billing is system of billing consumers on a time determined basis for products or services that they receive. Businesses today, across the board are looking to tweak their business models to tap into the greatest advantage of subscription billing which is the Predictability of Income. Unlike traditional business models, businesses based on the subscription model are not dependent on actual store visits, which are dependent on weather or on your customer’s busy schedule. With a simple yet powerful platform like BluSynergy’s BluBilling, the uncertainty of a purchase is removed.

2. Saves Time

The universal thing that all business owners/NGO’s lack, is Time.  Opting for a Subscription Billing platform like BluSynergy has a two fold advantages with regards to time. It gives  business owners  faster Time-to-Market. After the easy set up, automation of the billing process enables them to Save Time and focus on their core business, their core passion. In the case of an NGO, once you tap a donor and capture his credit card information, the need to reach out to him every so often is eliminated with the BluBilling system.

3. Maximum Revenue Capture

Every business is unique and every Billing is unique. We at BluSynergy, pride ourselves on understanding the ins and outs of billing. Be it a simple Fixed fee billing, a Usage based billing, Tier based or a combination billing, which could comprise a flat fixed fee along with a more complex Cumulative Tiered model. Our platform is nimble enough to conform to your business practices with ease allowing for Maximum Revenue Capture. All this, merely with a few clicks.

4. Improved Agility of Business

With Change being the only constant, it is important that the billing system is able to react with minimum fuss and maximum agility to the ever changing business climate. BluSynergy’s BluBilling allows for across the board Price changes, Upgrades, Downgrades with just a click of a button. No more will you have to touch each customer account to make a small change to their Order.

5. Flexible API’s

Our well documented API’s provide seamless integration. Using the BluSynergy solution, our client’s customers wont even know that they are outsourcing their critical billing function as BluSynergy can match the look and feel of their website, giving  customers a “one stop shop” feel.

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Top 5 Reasons to opt for a Subscription Billing platform

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