Internet accessibility is at an all time high in India. According to sources including the World Bank, in 2015, India’s internet users were at 15.1% which roughly translates to 196 million users. In comparison, US has an internet user count of 84.2%, which is roughly 267 million users. As the numbers show, Indians now have unprecedented access to the world. This has had many far reaching and positive consequences, one of which is the Online donation collection.

Recently, Chennai experienced the worst flooding in 30 years. An entire generation of youth experienced the wrath of the Rain Gods for the first time.  We heard about the flooding on our news channels, but this time around our Social Media outlets played an enormous role in getting the word out and giving us first hand accounts of the situation on the ground and bringing us in touch with the human element.

What resulted was an outpouring of goodwill and compassion for the flood victims from across the globe. People everywhere wanted to help. It was heartening to see the religious, language and even geographical borders crossed with a common goal to help our fellow human beings. This was facilitated with Online Donation collection options that were available to people at the right time.

Online Donation Collection be used in natural disaster situations by NGOs, as with the Chennai floods. This method is also extremely useful to compassionate, generous members of our society that would like to help any charity of their liking on an ongoing basis. For example, if you feel strongly about childhood cancer and would like to support, say an NGO like Access Life India, you now have the flexibility to make a one time donation or to make recurring donations of a fixed amount on a monthly basis via credit card. So, say you decide on a sum of Rs. 100/-. You will get a regular notification to pay the amount you chose to donate and you will be emailed a receipt once you make the payment (using credit/debit/netbanking or even cash in some cases), that you could then use for tax deduction purposes under section 80G. Similar donations can be made to non for profit, religious organizations too.

With the government trying to increase internet accessibility in rural areas as well, this kind of donation collection is only going to grow. We now have 15% internet users, there is exponential growth ahead of us!

If you are an NGO and would like to avail of this opportunity BINGO!  you are at the right place, At BluSynergy we understand that the requirements of our customers, we offer an easy to use full featured, software solution capable of collecting donations online.

The Rise in Online Donation Collection among NGOs

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