The relationship between NGO’s and Billing platforms is a fairly recent one.

Used to be that the NGO sector’s principle mode of raising funds was 1.personal requests, (yes I do mean going door to door) 2. sending out letters or 3. emails. In the new millennium we have adopted increasingly sophisticated and ubiquitous approaches. From online fundraising websites to fund your favorite social cause, to straight out asking your friends on Facebook to help pay your rent! These are all good ways to go to raise funds on a one time basis, but the real power lies in harnessing the evergreen model of subscription billing that leads to raising funds on an ongoing basis. “Ongoing” being the key word!

Subscription billing platforms for fundraising, have proved to be a perfect fit. From the Donors perspective, (especially newbie donors) might not completely trust the bonafides and might not be comfortable donating large amounts up front. With Subscription Billing, they have the flexibility of divvying up their donations into smaller amounts for the time period of their choice. With a credit card on file, the collection process is streamlined to where the donor only receives an email confirmation of his donation (or not even that if he so chooses).

From the NGO’s perspective, they now receive funds at regular intervals. They can easily track donors, reconcile the donations with the donors and the cause. Reporting collected funds to government authorities, is now a breeze with detailed information on the donor, amount donated and the cause for which the donation was utilized.
With BluSynergy’s expertise in the NGO sector, fund raising is trouble free from the start !

Subscription Billing and NGO’s

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