BluSynergy helping Clubs increase membership and improve profitability using BluSynergy solutionThe challenge for gyms and other such entities that have a monthly fee collection requirement is to not only get the customer to sign up for their service (in some cases this is the easy part – by offering some kind of incentive). The way to keep them coming back for more is by offering a world class product THAT MEETS THEIR NEEDS. Once these two conditions are met, these companies are on their way to becoming successful. Over and above this, companies need to offer their customers a very easy way to pay for their monthly dues without bothering them too much. In the Indian context, since our RBI does not allow the automated charging of credit cards, it is up to businesses to come up with creative ways of making sure their customers are not overly inconvenienced while making their monthly payments on time.

It is in scenarios like this that BluSynergy can help clubs. The slideshare shows how it is done. Check our website for more information on this.

Membership fee collection for gyms and clubs

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