So you might be familiar with the term “Cloud” by now and you might have figured that is does not have much to do with the cumulus variety in the sky. So what exactly is cloud computing and why do you need to pay attention to it? I am going to tackle these points in this post…so stay with me for a bit…

Let’s start with the term- why cloud? Well, this goes back to the days of  flowcharts and presentations that would represent the gigantic server-farm infrastructure of the Internet as nothing but a puffy, white cumulus cloud, accepting connections and doling out information as it floats. So that was the origin of the term.

Cloud computing is the practice of using a network of remote servers hosted on the Internet to store, manage, and process data, rather than a local server or a personal computer.

Cloud computing is big business: The market generated $100 billion a year in 2012, which could be $127 billion by 2017 and  $500 billion by 2020. This brings us to the crux of this article, what do these businesses see in moving  the cloud that we are missing and is it time to join the cloud computing gang. There are many services that are provided on the SaaS model (Software as a Service). For convenience sake, in this article I am going to go with a Billing Service as an example of cloud computing, that is provided as a service.

Advantages to a SaaS based Billing Service

1. Saves you the Time, Money and Resources – Instead of building your billing service in- house, which entails spending a lot of time in hiring the right team for development and consulting, you can save yourself the hassle by going with a Service that is readily available to you. Let your in house IT department focus on your core product while the Billing experts provide you with the Invoicing services you need.

2. You pay for what you use – Most Billing Service companies will charge you on the number of transactions that you process through their system. So you are guaranteed to be dealt with a fair deal!

3. Accessing data – With a SaaS billing service, you can access your company files anywhere you have access to a computer and internet access. Be it at a client site where you need a report to make a financial decision or if you would like to make changes to your customer’s pricing information from an airport while you await your next flight, having data at your fingertips will save you time and earn you money.

4. Security – Billing companies go through rigorous security tests before they are allowed to conduct business. Your data security is their number one priority. It is much safer to store your data on the cloud that to have it backed up on the hard disk of your computer in your office.

5. Scalability – The beauty of the cloud is its ability to accommodate your growth. The almost unlimited quality of the cloud will allow for your exponential growth, without you having to build new systems and upgrades.

6. Upgrades and Maintenance – The bane of a new software is the support associated with it. If you have built a software in house from the ground up, you must be familiar with the resources that are poured into the upkeep of the system. Periodic updates are imperative with the changing nature of technology. Why deal with the hassle when you can allow experts to handle it.

These are the main advantages that your peers are enjoying right now by going with a SaaS billing service. What are you waiting for? And if you want a flying start to your cloud billing services – why dont you get in touch with BluSynergy ?



Is it time to move your Billing to the Cloud?

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