• Are you considering making a foray into the SaaS economy and wondering if the time is right?
  • Confused between a Global focus or a Local focus for your business?

If you said Yes, to any of the above, or if you are just plain interested in the Cloud, you will find my interview with Mridhul Prakash, CEO BluSynergy India, to be a concise guide on some of these issues.

In your opinion, why is the time right to invest in Saas businesses?

Paradigm shifts have happened over the past several years about how businesses work. Consumer purchase behaviour is pushing adoption in this direction and companies are quick to cater to this. Investors too are looking for more consistent cash flows of the SaaS model. Companies who are quick to adopt a SaaS business model will be the winners in the long term. One person who has hedged his bets very well is Oracle founder – Larry Ellison – who has invested in SaaS only Netsuite and the traditional business of Oracle as well. But newer (more nimble) companies are more likely to go the SaaS route, and he has ensured that either way – he benefits.

What would your deciding factors be when considering going Global Vs Staying Local?
Depends on the type of product and the industry being focused on. If you are focusing on a horizontal market, with similar processes, global is not out of reach. Otherwise, given the extent of localization, it makes sense to go local first – but ambitions must not be limited. Go for the world !
Which sector is fostering the SaaS transformation in India?
SMB’s – given their large numbers, are ideal targets particularly since the SaaS model requires only a small upfront fee – which is bearable for this segment. Startups (considered as part of this segment) are also a huge driving force for SaaS adoption.
Are Smartphones driving consumerisation & personalization of SaaS services?
Smartphones are certainly driving consumerisation of SaaS services being that they are feature rich and have a lot more processing power that earlier computers.
Now that it has been established that SaaS is the next logical evolution for Indian enterprises: Global players or Indian companies to grab the bigger pie?
If Global players are eyeing the market – its obviously good news; since they feel there is a big enough market, so it is best for companies to be either prepared for M&A or to battle it out with these companies. That said, local companies have the ability to win if there are regulatory and localization requirements which global companies might take time to adapt to (example of Quickbooks).
Mridhul Prakash is CEO of Cloud (Bangalore!) based Billing, notification and payment collection system – BluSynergy
First Hand take on the SaaS Economy in India – Is it the right time?

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