Most schools in India still use the old school method of collecting cash or cheque at the school premises for collecting fees every month and some every quarter.  Some the challenges schools/college face today –

  1. Long queue of parents and students at the fee payment counters.
  2. Disgruntled school staff struggling to manage the task of fee collection, flooding of cash, fee reconciliation, late fee notifications.
  3. Tackling cheque bounce is a big issue which many schools are undergoing.
  4. Handling the problems associated with fake currency
  5. Unnecessary hassle of tackling security concerns due to high in flow of people beginning of every month.

Schools/ College can focus on improving their quality of education and providing better security to their students by automating their fee payment and fee collection process.

The BluSynergy billing system is cloud based and schools/college with an internet access can operate without any hassle of installation of software and hardware.

Advantages of using BluSynergy by schools/ college:

  • Fee payment is fully automated.
  • Integration with any accounting system such as Tally or Quick Books. Once a school/ college decides to use Blu billing, then by using the old student information from the current accounting system used by the school, we can bulk upload student information into Blubilling that in a matter of two days, schools/colleges can start using the recurring billing system provided by BluSynergy.
  • Our sophisticated easy to use plans and charges can help us set up a fee structure based on course opted and year.  After the required data is fed into the system, then the system takes care of everything.
  • Payment of fees with credit/Debit card and online banking is possible by using BluSynergy as we have tied up with many banks and payment gateways.
  • Schools/college premises can become CASH FREE by using BluSynergy.
  • Schools/ Colleges can avail our automated sms notifcations to parents or students on due date for fee payment or even late fee notification.
  • Knowing the importance of brand awareness, we are proud to provide our customers one of a kind billing system that can be embedded in the school’s/ college’s website.

Visit to get more details or call us for a demo on our product

Fees Collection Solution for schools
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