Today’s retailers are selling their products 24/7, to a technology savvy, “on the go” consumer. This new age consumer prefers to shop at their own time and in their own space. They generally have no patience for the haggling process that many others associate with a day of shopping. The one thing they might have in common though is the lure of a discount or a sale or in the online parlance a Promo code.

We at BluSynergy, have observed this trend and have incorporated into our robust billing system, various discount and Promo Code options.

Single Use Coupon: This is the simplest and most familiar type of discount that is offered to the consumer. It is a flat percent, calculated on the price of the product. This discount is single use, which means, it is one time discount applied on one product or applied on the entire invoice one time only.

Recurring discounts: In this case, the business may wish to provide a longer term incentive to improve customer retention. Discounts may be applied to more that one invoice. These discounts may be set up so that they reduce with each use. So, the first month, your customer receives a discount of 5%, the second month 3% and so on.

Coupon in conjunction with thresholds: Sometimes, businesses like to thank consumers with a discount, if their purchases are above a certain amount or if they have been a long standing/ loyal customer of the business. Our system, will check to see if an invoice crosses the threshold set and will apply the discount accordingly. The maximum amount of the discount , can also be defined in the system. A use case would be: If consumer invoice is above Rs.10,000 apply a 10% discount. The maximum amount of discount being Rs. 5000 or in the case of an online subscription business, if the customer has been with the company for 6 months, then apply a “Loyal customer discount”.

Our system, comes with excellent reporting capabilities in order to keep track of the discounts applied and get a better pulse on the finances of your business.

Today’s businesses are as sharp and enterprising as their consumers, we at BluSynergy respect this trait and have designed our system to be flexible so as to accommodate new coupon ideas and applications. If you have any further ideas on coupons? Let us know, we would be happy to incorporate in our billing application.

Everybody loves a Coupon!

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