Great news for all QuickBooks customers who are used to an awesome product in Quickbooks Online. BluSynergy is now available on the Quickbooks App Store. SMBs can now jump on the opportunity of accessing functionality of Recurring BIlling & Accounting all in one place.


Quickbooks has a very easy to use recurring billing option. However, if a business needs to change the values of the invoice based on usage patterns or any other parameter, that is not currently possible within Quickbooks … until BluSynergy came along. Monthly billing, invoicing & receipt of payment is easy for SMBs like never before. Any business can now automate or send recurring bills to its customers using the BluBilling app available on the Quickbooks appstore. Enable all recurring bills & transaction processing -on the move. Just with the click of a button get unparalleled flexibility in implementing numerous billing and pricing models. Reduce the order to cash cycle and create and send out automatic notifications, reminders and invoices etc.

Moreover, enable add on features like Customer Self Service portal, Commissions module, shopping cart etc. at nominal price.  Worried about the pricing for a fully automated subscription billing solution? Don’t. Visit for more information.

BluSynergy now available on Intuit appstore!

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