NGO’s are an integral part of our society today. While successive governments work very hard to bring social justice and equality, it will take time to address each of various problems individually. This is where NGO’s can help.

NGO’s with a long standing record of service are able to understand and act on local and sometimes national issues effectively and efficiently. However, to operate successfully, NGOs need funds. Funds come from other citizens, governments and other NGOs. We at BluSynergy are willing to contribute our solution to NGO’s as part of our CSR (cooperate social responsibility). With our software (which specializes in recurrent and subscription billing) NGO’s will be able to send emails and text messages to potential benefactors. By providing a subscription/recurring from of donation a much wider range of donors will be able to contribute. While every individual rich or poor, might have the desire to contribute, it might be difficult for the individual to immediately donate a large enough sum that would be meaningful to the NGO.

Smaller amounts make things much easier for the donor. This is where the BluSynergy solution comes in – utilizing the cloud to help automate the task of mailing and collecting donations. Also with the added advantage of ease of pay (internet banking & credit cards) and the quick nature of transaction we too hope to make a difference to your various causes.


  • Tracks cash collected and receivables
  • Provides information to donors on the total amounts collected – for tax purposes
  • Embeds all financial related information in the donor website


  • Collect from larger number of prospective donors
  • Allow donors to make contributions based on their monthly cash flows as opposed to requirements of the NGO
  • Bank Reconciliation is easier

Political parties:

In addition to helping NGO’s, BluSynergy is doing its part to help bring transparency to the Indian political system. We enable political parties in India to raise funds from the masses quickly and efficiently. Deposits made to the party account goes directly to the party’s central administration and funds and used as per the requirements of the party.

Our software enables parties to receive funds directly from their supporters. US President Barack Obama introduced this unprecedented way of collecting funds from donors and had a war chest of funds by the time the US primaries were completed. He outspent his political rivals and became the President of the United States. The rest, as they say, is history.

Similar marketing can be done by sending emails and text messages to known supporters of parties. These supporters are able to make their contributions online via credit/debit card/net banking or even encourage their friends to make contributions.

Election funds are well documented and accounted for. Well educated professionals, who might not have time to contribute to towards social work, are empowered to make monetary contributions rather than merely commenting on social networking sites. Non active supporters or party sympathizers will also be given a chance to pool in resources and make a direct impact on the election effort.

Billing Solution for NGOs
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