As companies move from one business model to another or for start-ups to try out different monetizing strategies, one thing needs to keep up – the ability to bill and collect from customers. This is the area that most companies fall short on. Companies – both established and startups – are hard pressed to be able to quickly enable their billing products to be able to monitize the ideas that the strategy and pricing team come out with. This is where strenght in the billing industry comes in.

This blog does not claim to be in “independent source” so we can proudly go ahead and say that – this is where billing solutions like the cloud based BluBilling platform can come in handy for customers. It helps you go to market quickly or even use the hundreds of permutations and combinations of billing to go live immediately and provide meaningful solutions to their customer base.

Since, the blubilling offering is so easily customizable, the solution can be used even to test a certain pricing strategy instead of having to invest a lot of money in marketing a certain type of mode. Ease of operations is the name of the game – and this is enabled by BluSynergy. For more information check out

Billing for the new generation of Indian companies
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