BluSynergy is a regular subscriber of various Business & economics magazines. We were actually surprised to find that lot of these magazines has not yet offered quarterly/half-yearly subscription plans to its readers.

Being in the same domain of subscription/recurring billing we understand long development, testing, deployment, maintenance cycle and costs that are involved. So, we thought why not propose to magazines in Print media segment -’Blubilling’ which enables any subscription plan with just few clicks.

Consider for example Business today charging Rs 700/- half yearly or Rs 350/- quarterly instead of Rs 1300/- per year. This will substantially increase the volume of new subscribers adopting the magazine. On top of that revenue margin per subscriber per year can increase by 8-10%.

With end-to-end billing and subscription plans taken care by BluSynergy -news magazine can just focus on delivering high quality News and not on payment collection. Our system can also send automated SMS & email reminders to customers when payment or renewal is due -which can then be completed using multiple payment options.

In fact, there is more – online editions for these magazines can be monetized effectively. Readers going online is the next buzz in print media.

To summarize, here are some areas where BluSynergy can help Print media

Increase RETENTION RATIOS using online/SMS notification

Increase AD REVENUES with more guaranteed subscribers

Provide a hybrid BILLING OPTION like Wall Street Journal, etc

Improve BILLING STRUCTURES – particularly for recurring subscribers – lower cost to reach existing customers


Benefits of Subscription plans for Print Media

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