NGO’s or Non governmental organizations are organizations that are neither a part of government nor are they a “for profit” entity. Usually an NGO is set up by concerned citizens with a mission to help and serve the population. They are funded by private people, governments, businesses or foundations.

Running an NGO is very different from running a business. Serving people and helping eliminate their problems is the main mission of an NGO. Here are 5 key areas that need to be addresses to run a successful NGO.

  1. Listen to your target audience: As an NGO, your primary goal is to help people. It might seem easy to look at the problem from the outside and come up with a solution that you think is best. This highhanded approach defeats the purpose of your NGO and many have known to bite the dust. The alternative is to identify the problem, learn all aspects of the situation by talking to the people on the ground, understand what they see as a solution, familiarize yourself with the obstacles that the community you plan to serve faces, involve the community in your effort so as to gain local acceptance and then device a solution that is suitable to all.
  2. Have a well defined mission statement: Running an NGO and trying to make a difference in the lives of people is a Herculean task. Help yourself in this respect by clearly defining what you are setting out to achieve. Clear goals, will give you and your team a sense of direction and the feeling of accomplishment when the goals are met. It will help the NGO stay on course and avoid the pitfalls of getting sidetracked when you encounter other situations that need fixing.
  3. Ease in Fund Collection : NGO’s are funded by private entities, trusts, businesses and governments. Any type of funding is acceptable to boot strapped NGO, but in order to be successful you need to use all tools that are now available to collect funds. In order to leverage the internet audience, your website must have the means to allow people to donate online. A social media presence is a must. Let people know about the great service that you are providing and inspire them to donate online.
  4. Transparency: An NGO’s reputation is its greatest asset. The more transparent your financials are, the better. Let your contributors know exactly how their funds are being utilized, this will prompt them to make repeat contributions as it will satisfy their higher need to help others(Maslow’s theory).
  5. Dedicated Team: An NGO is only as good as the people that run it. Your team must be a compassionate and hardworking lot. They need to believe in the cause and be committed to the service of others.

At BluSynergy, we believe in supporting good causes in our own little way. While #1 and #2 above are entirely dependent on the respective NGO, we can help in #3 (Ease of Fund collection) and help bring transparency in the operations (#4) using our tools and help support the team (#5) in doing a good job.

Our NGO team can be contacted at

5 Keys to success for every NGO

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