Billing and Payments for Salesforce


  • Do your sales and support personnel need to create order and invoices inside Salesforce?

  • Do you wish you could take a credit card or eCheck payment right there in Salesforce when you had the customer on the phone or in person?

  • Do your sales people wish they had better visibility into the account’s current and past orders, invoices and payment history before walking into a meeting?

  • Do your end customers wish they could also view and pay their bills when they are in the Salesforce Service Cloud?



  • Automatic invoicing at the plan frequencies

  • Bill presentment to the customer (Salesforce “Account”)

  • If desired, automatic payment processing with credit cards, ACH or Paypal (payment information can be securely stored with full PCI DSS compliance or tokenization provided by your payment processor)

  • Auto-updater automatically gets replacements credit cards for expired and closed accounts from MasterCard, Visa and Discover without customer involvement

  • If the Salesforce Service Cloud is overkill or too expensive, a customer self-service portal can be embedded inside your website for billing and payment capability

  • Contract auto-renewals and expiration

  • Automated and progressive customer messaging for overdue accounts, upcoming billing, payment receipts, etc.

  • Full visibility of all activities with Salesforce Chatter, ensuring that anybody “following” the Salesforce Account is fully abreast of all financial activity

  • Comprehensive reporting and dashboards

What our clients say

Our Clients

BluSynergy, with its advanced, comprehensive and flexible Plans & Charges, allowed us to focus on our core competitiveness and helped us solve the complications of payments which in turn helped us build customer convenience and satisfaction.

-Samira Rao / Co-Founder, Paybooks

Our Clients

It is was getting extremely cumbersome for us to get our heads around collection and tracking donations from our regular donors but BluSynergy with its robust e-billing/Notifications/ Payment collection features helped us tackle many rough roads and has smoothed the way ahead.

-Sridhar / Founder of No Hungry Child

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