About BluSynergy

Our vision at BluSynergy is to change the way organizations bill and collect dues from their customers/stakeholders.

BluSynery has been offering services to companies in India since 2014. In a very short time frame, BluSynergy has forged relationships with various banks and payment gateway partners in order to provide our customers with the solutions they need. This aspect differentiates BluSynergy from other companies in general, who would rather see a particular solution for their clients.

The founders of BluSynergy initially worked on a B2C business model targeting the large potential in the general insurance space. After quickly realizing that the regulators would play a huge role in controlling how the operations would work, they decided against the space. Research (just a look at media) showed that lot of companies had come up offering various/unique B2C business models, many of whom did not have a convincing "path to profitability". The founders concluded that it would help to offer these companies the ability to create/test/deploy pricing models in a short time frame with point and click simplicity.

After having architected and developed a number of enterprise systems and experiencing the long development cycles and operational expertise required, the core team at BluSynergy was convinced about the market viability for a cloud based, billing model for companies that were looking for flexiblity as well as consistency in their operations.

BluSynergy provides a platform to Indian companies looking to adapt new business models or streamline existing ones. Our cloud based billing system is India's #1 and only SaaS based subscription billing, SMS/Email notification and payments collection tool for startups, technology companies, Governmental organizations, NGO, Clubs, Schools, Colleges, Broadband providers, media, infrastructure and others.

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